Aspire FC Apex Player Acceptance & Commitment Letter

Congratulations on your player’s placement on an Aspire FC Apex team! 

At this level of competition, success and fun on the soccer field do not come without some extra effort. The will to win is not enough; you must also have the will to prepare to win. We are speaking of more than just the effort it takes to show up at the soccer field on the day of the game. We are talking now about the kind of effort that involves some hard work, some choices about the way in which you wish to spend your free time, and perhaps some sacrifices on your part. Before you accept this invitation to become part of the Aspire Football Club program, consider carefully the following commitments

Before you accept this invitation to become part of our AFC Apex program, consider carefully the following commitment to excellence::

  1. To Aspire to be great! 

  2. To dedicate yourself to finding and growing the lion inside of you, everyday!

  3. Committee to being excellent.

  4. To represent the Aspire FC family with respect, honor, discipline and joy!

  5. To arrange my schedule so that I can come to practice regularly and on time, and to participate in scheduled games and tournaments.

  6. To work hard at practice to improve my soccer skills and my understanding of the game. I promise that, at practice, I will give the coaches my full attention. When the coaches are talking, I will stop talking, keep my ears open, and my eyes on the coaches. I will not distract others during the practice session.

  7. Work on my game outside of practice times.

  8. To do whatever is asked of me on the soccer field, without complaining, for the good of the team.

  9. To encourage, and never to criticize, my teammates.

  10. To always hustle, and never to quit, until the practice or the game is over.

  11. To come to each game, on time, well rested, and with an attitude that says -- "It may be difficult, but I believe that we can win."

As a club, we as coaches, managers and administrators commit to providing a quality learning and development environment for all players. We commit to improving all players' knowledge & understanding of the game, skills to improve soccer actions and the mental strength to succeed.


AFC Apex Training Fees (Total: $1,500 3x per week training)* this is a seasonal year commitment


  • Roster Acceptance Fee : $125 (first payment due at time of acceptance and second on June 1)

  • Remainder of $1250, will be in 10 installments of $125 from July 1, 2021-April 1, 2021

  • Adidas uniform kit (every 2 years/cycle), $243 youth and $252 for adult

  • Players must fulfill their financial obligation in full as part of their registration and acceptance of the roster spot with the club.

  • If you are unable to meet the financial obligations, you must request financial assistance and financial assistance will be given on an individual basis. Upon receiving financial assistance you will be required to participate in events to raise the additional funds needed to meet your obligation. (click to fill out form)

  • The payments will cover: administration of players, league fees, training fees, field usage fee, insurance, club operations, 

  • The payments WILL NOT cover: uniform, tournaments, travel, supplemental/extra training (ie camps, specialty training)

  • Aspire FC follows a strict no-refund policy. All registrations are non-refundable.

    • The club may, however, in its sole discretion, consider training fee refund requests under the following: a player becomes injured or ill and can no longer participate in the season or any other exigent circumstances the club deems necessary or appropriate. Please note that in order for refund requests to be considered due to injury, such requests must be made within two weeks of the players injury/illness and must include a physician's note for verification. No refunds will be provided after the third scheduled game of the season for any reason. All refunds, if granted, are subject to a processing fee.

    • Force Majeure:

    • Club shall not be liable or responsible for refunds for failure, cancellation, suspension, postponement, delay, or shortening in services resulting from a Force Majeure Event, inclusive of causes beyond it's reasonable control, including, but not limited to: acts of God; field closures; labor disputes; equipment failure; war; terrorism; riot; acts of civil or military authorities; epidemics; floods; fires; unusual severe weather conditions; accidents; or other contingencies the non-occurrence of which was a basic assumption on which the registration was made.