Aspire Football Club wants to make sure that qualified athletes may participate in our competitive soccer program, regardless of financial constraints.   Accordingly, the club provides partial scholarships on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the club’s scholarship committee.  Requests for help with fees, are considered on a per season basis. Fees for other expenses such as uniforms or camps, do not exist – scholarships are for training fees only.

AFC realizes that unforeseen circumstances may occur that can impact a family’s ability to pay.  Our financial aid committee reviews individual cases, as the need arises.   

Fundraising/Alternative Methods for Satisfying Fees Due for Training For Individual Players

  • Aspire Football Club will offer a fundraising program to cover training fees on players’ individual accounts. 

  • Players that receive scholarship funds against their training fees, will be required to participate in club fundraisers.  The extent of the participation will be dictated by the amount of the scholarship awarded to the player’s account.

  • If and when the club acquires its own soccer fields, scholarship recipients may be asked to help with field maintenance, and other things such as lining of fields, in order to reimburse the club for scholarship amounts awarded to cover training fees.

  • The maximum scholarship grant that can be awarded by the scholarship committee against any player’s training fees is 50%. 

  • However any player may earn amounts through fundraising to cover up to their entire training fee balance. 

  • Unless approved by the scholarship committee prior to the monthly due date, all training fees must be paid on a monthly basis and kept current; fundraising fees collected will reimburse the players’ account as they are applied to the account. 

  • Any fundraiser funds collected by an individual player may not exceed the amount of their fees in a given year. Funds collected that exceed the balance on their individual accounts, will be credited to the club’s general scholarship account.  Excess funds may be carried over to another year, only with the committee’s approval. 


To be considered for a scholarship, players’ family must fill out this form each year and the Scholarship Committee will make a recommendation on their request. 

Aspire FC Financial Assistance  Form

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